Closet Organization - Before and After

Messy closets.

We all have them.  Well, maybe not everyone, but I have them!

And I'm ready to be done with it. So the other day, I decided to take back control!

Let's look at a look at some before pictures of my hall closet...

messy closet 1

Yes, that's just a pile of STUFF at the bottom...

messy closet 2

And now let's peek around that corner....

messy closet 3

More stuff.

I started by clearing the entire closet out.

empty closet

You may have seen this picture on my last blog post.  Apparently, I have a few bags and purses!

too many bags

And look at the bags that I have from lululemon...

lululemon bags

I don't think I need to buy a new bag or purse for awhile.

I got rid of a ton of stuff....a pack-n-play, a magic set that hasn't been used in a few years, a window fan that was broken, and even more!

After I removed the things we weren't keeping, it left room for things to go back in a much more organized fashion.

Let's look at some 'after' pictures...

clean closet at home in the northwest blog

Isn't that crazy!?  I even had room to put all of my camera equipment on the top shelf {instead of the dining room floor where it has lived for the last year}.

After getting rid of some bags,  I added 4 big hooks to help organize the rest of my bag 'collection'.

clean closet 2 at home in the northwest

One hook holds a bag full of  sinch sacks. Another hook holds my leather purses. Another hook holds fabric bags and the last hook holds all of my lululemon reusable bags.

4 hooks. And total bag organization.

There is still stuff at the end of the closet.  But this time it's very organized.

clean closet 3 at home in the northwest

It took me a long time to tackle this project {and I was ready to quit mid way through}. But I am so happy with the end result!

clean closet 5 at home in the northwest

Hopefully September brings even more organizational projects! jen

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