Mt. Rainier...A Day Trip

In an effort to soak up the last few days of summer vacation, we took a day trip to Mt. Rainier last week with some friends.

mt rainier 3

The weather wasn't perfect.  We had some clouds...we do live in Washington, after all, so clouds shouldn't be a surprise to us!  But I think we had better weather on the mountain than we would have had if we'd stayed home!

I was so surprised at how well the kids did on the walk!

mt rainier 1

There was a bit of complaining at the beginning, but once the kids got into the groove, it was smooth sailing from there!

We kept saying how it felt like we were in Switzerland.

{Disclaimer: I have never been to Switzerland.  So my apologies if Mt. Rainier is no where close to the beauty of Switzerland.  But it sure was pretty!}

mt rainier 2

This is our last week of summer vacation.  The kids are back in school after labor day.  So Dan and I have started our 'September list' of projects we would like to tackle when the kids are back in school.

I got a head start this weekend and tackled the coat closet...

too many bags

What a total disaster!  The image above is only SOME of my bags and purses.

My next blog post is on the closet transformation.  So come back later this week to read more about my hoarding issue!