A Day in Pictures...Accessories

I feel like I'm always running errands.  I know I create a lot of them - they aren't always necessary.  People do indeed survive without going to Target EVERY day.   Target, as well as a few other stores, were on my list for today....look for a sunhat,  a watch,  a camo t-shirt for Jack's school performance and so on.  When I got home, I sensed a theme as I unpacked my bags..... apparently today I was focused on accessories. My first accessory purchase was to replace my watch.  When we were in Mexico, I swam laps a few mornings with my sister in law.  (We may have actually done more chatting than swimming, but it was a fun girl time without any kids in tow).  Those mornings submerged in the pool ruined my sports watch (which is supposed to be waterproof).  When we got home, I did the dry rice trick....you place the item with the water damage (watch, cell phone...) in dry rice for several days and it will (should!) clear up.

It's worked for me before.  But this time, I was unlucky.  Here is my watch after several days...

Still water damaged.  So 'new watch' made it onto my Target shopping list.  I've done the black/gray watch color combo several times before. So today, I went for a new look...

Is it ok to have a white sports watch?! I hope so! Because now I own one!!

I also popped into Forever 21 to check out their jewelry. I have a love/hate relationship with that store.  There are so many deals there....but the layout and chaos gives me anxiety.  And let's face it, I'm not 21.... I'm 39 (I have to say that as much as I can....In two short weeks I turn the big 4-0!).  And I don't love the return policy at Forever 21.   But I do love their jewelry - and I love the price of their jewelry!   Look what I got today for a mere $15!  $3 for the earrings, $7 for the necklace...

...and only $5 for this cute bracelet!

And lastly....I've been on the hunt for a sun hat.  The past year, our family has had two cases of Melanoma.  So we are trying desperately to be careful in the sun!  I bought a hat at Target and dragged it to Mexico a few weeks ago. It was the floppiest of floppy hats.   When I took it out of my suitcase, it flopped in all the wrong places. I didn't end up wearing it on our trip so I returned it when we got home.  Since then, I've been looking for a sun hat. I guess I have a big noggin as I can't seem to find a fun sunhat that fits comfortably.  So.....back to Target I went for the floppy hat.  Apparently I didn't learn the first time, but I'm giving it a second go.  What do you think?

We'll see if the hat makes the cut.  It'll be shoved into a suitcase this weekend while I head to Las Vegas for a girls weekend (along with my new sunglasses from Old Navy - also purchased today!).  It's supposed to be 98 degrees there (Yikes!). If a hat is needed, at least I'll be prepared!! And I think after today, I'll be fully accessorized for my weekend away!


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