Vegas, Baby!

I'm back from my girls' weekend.  There were eight of us that enjoyed some time away from husbands and kids.  Every day we sat in the sun and every night we got all gussied up to go out. We didn't sleep much but we had a great weekend.

We all bring magazines and books, but no one ever reads.  Conversation is never lacking - I'm always amazed that after three days together, we still have something to say!

It was a weekend of laughter and unfortunately, a weekend of tears.   One of the gals came from the funeral of a four month old that died from SIDS. Each of us are moms and hearing the story of that sweet boy brought us to tears several times throughout the weekend.  Then on Sunday, I received a call that my dad had a recurrence of Melanoma.

He was diagnosed a year ago and went through an invasive surgery that left him with a 12 inch scar on his neck.  But he was deemed cancer free shortly after the surgery.  Unfortunately, a few weeks ago he found a lump in his neck and a biopsy showed that the Melanoma is back. So tomorrow he goes in for surgery...again.

Someone might argue that it was unfortunate that I found out about my dad while I was away from family.  But honestly, I didn't mind.  Who better to cry with than girlfriends?!  And before the night was over, they had figured out who would watch Jack and Emmie so I could go be with my dad  on Wednesday for his surgery.

It's been a lot of years since I've had girlfriends that I shared makeup, jewelry and clothing with.   And this weekend, a bit of everything was shared...even tears. I'm so thankful for these girls and for our weekend together.