beds and more beds....

I want to make a bed.  I want to make a bed out of an old door.  I have wanted to do this for years.....years before Pinterest was around to show us how others were making things with doors.  I have even started making a bed, using a tutorial from Ana White. And for the past two years, it has been sitting in my garage, untouched and unfinished.  Emmie even started to draw on it, assuming it was scrap wood!

I know I have the ability to make a bed.  And I have the tools to make one.  But I just haven't done it and I have no idea why. Maybe because there are kids to get to school, laundry to fold, a garage to clean out to make room for a large project like building a bed....

I found a door a few years ago for only $30.  It's a solid wood, five panel door that would make a perfect headboard for our spare room.  The finish on the door is even perfect!

Here are my plans for the headboard...

Can't you picture it as a headboard? It's perfect!!  And there the door sits, in our garage. Collecting cobwebs.

When we did our addition last year, the wrong doors were ordered, so we got to keep the extra doors.

I tried to sell them at a garage sale for $20.  No takers.  I tried to donate them to Habitat for Humanity, but they wouldn't take them since there was no door frame or hinges.  I was trying to be proactive with having a tidy garage, but couldn't seem to get rid of them. So why not make a bed out of them!? It's a great idea, in theory!  I have plans written out to cut one in half - using half for the headboard and the other half for the footboard.

Yet there the doors sit, untouched.

And my latest bed saga....I saw this bed on the side of the road the other day. For free.

I had some inner monologue as I drove down the street. "You do not need another bed project in the garage...You don't even know if it's a double or queen sized bed...Dan will think I've fallen off my rocker...But maybe it would be cute...And it IS free! Mmmmm...."  So I turned the car around to check it out (my kids were certain my detour would make them late to soccer! I assured them I would be quick).

I stood there on the side of the road and contemplated the potential project.   "If I don't take it, someone else will...I can't let something free slip through my fingers...It could be a cute bed for the spare room...Or maybe I could make a bench out of it?  But I don't love the posts...Could I cut them off?"  Oh decisions, decisions.  I finally opened up the back of my SUV, lugged the bed over....and it would't fit.  Those darn posts were the reason it would't fit in my SUV.   I must confess I was a touch relieved that the decision was made for me. It wouldn't fit so I couldn't take it home.   Did I really need another unfinished bed project in my garage? Dan's answer would be a quick "Absolutely not!"

So I still have my unfinished twin bed frame and my three doors....all waiting to become beds and headboards.  I just promised my kids that I will make them beds this summer too...I guess that means I'd better get to work!


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