Master Bathroom Project- Before and After

A year and a half ago, we started a big master bathroom renovation. [If you've been following me for awhile, you may recall the blog updates every few weeks.]  The entire project took about three months.  And we're thrilled with the finished product. It was finished up mid summer 2016, which was busy with kids home from school, vacations, etc.  Therefore I never got around to taking pictures of the finished project.  A year later, when I was updated my website, I finally got pictures taken! Go ahead - call me a slacker.  But as they say, better late than never!!

In order for you to have a full appreciation of the finished project, I'm first going to show you the outdated before pictures.

Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bath Before
Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom Before

Lots of brass. Striped wallpaper [which is a bit of a challenge to see in this picture.] And carpet. Yes, carpet! In a master bathroom! No thank you.

All of those things went away and we were left with a bright, fresh space that is a very welcome change.

Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'

Shaker cabinets, white 2" hex floor tiles, shiplap and subway tile proved to be the perfect recipe for this space.

We took down the giant mirror and replaced it with two recessed medicine cabinets to help corral the counter clutter.  I was concerned I would miss the oversized mirror, but thankfully the adjustment was minimal. And the lack of clutter on my counters is such a treat.

Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'
Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'
Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'

Previously, there was a shower insert in this space.  We enlarged the shower by 6 to 8 inches, tiled it from floor to ceiling and added two niches to hold shampoo, soap, etc.  

Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'

The tub used to be at an angle in the corner.  But we straightened it out and added the open cabinet in the extra space.  The heated towel bar is a treat, especially this time of year! We often struggled to dry our towels each day, but now the heated towel bar takes care of that for us.

Jen Gilday Interiors - Master Bathroom 'after'

Custom floating shelves were built for behind the toilet, which has been a fun place to decorate and bring some character to the bathroom.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of our new bathroom! To see even more pictures of the finished bathroom, please visit my portfolio.