Layered Rugs - Yay or Nay?

Jen Gilday Interiors - layered  rugs on porch

Layered rugs have been a trend in the design world for some time. And it has trickled down to mainstream homes too, for both indoors AND outdoors!

Studio McGee is one of my favorite designers.  And she uses layered rugs in a lot of their spaces.


And outdoors too...

Personally, I'm not sure how a layered rug would work indoors for my family.  I think it would be something I was constantly straightening out.  But outdoors - that's something I could wrap my mind around!  

We live in the northwest. It's awfully wet here and muddy too. And we often have pine needles and leaves blowing around. So I didn't want to spend a lot on the rugs for our porch.

A few weeks ago, Chris Loves Julia posted this on their blog....

And they shared the link for this great rug in black and white buffalo check.  I immediately went and ordered myself one. And thanks to Amazon prime, it was on my doorstep in two days for a whopping $27.88.  Since the rug wasn't overly expensive, I'm not worried about a little dirt getting on the it either.

Jen Gilday Interiors - layered rugs on porch

(Note: I ordered the 24x51 in the buffalo check rug so that there was a nice edge surrounding the top doormat.)

We often bring the outdoors 'in' with greenery and flowers.  So it's fun to bring the indoors 'out' with a rug! I find it to be very inviting and it brings so much personality to my front porch.  

So what do you think?  Yay or nay for layered rugs?  

I think I'm a fan!