The beginning of fall....

It is starting to feel like fall.

I look in my backyard and see the leaves falling on the ground...

at home in the northwest 1

And for every flower I have that is still in bloom, there is one next to it that is dying...

at home in the northwest 2

Today started out really foggy so I assumed it would also be cold.  We headed off to Jack's first football game of the season. And while it LOOKED like fall, it did not feel like fall!  By the time the fog lifted, I wished I had worn shorts and a tank top!

at home in the nw 4

Jack got to carry the ball a bit in the game....

at home in the nw 6

And we won - 13 to 12!!

After we went home to cool off from the heat wave, we headed back out to Emmie's soccer game.

at home in the nw 7

She got to play goalie.

at home in the nw 8

And she scored a goal too!

at home in the nw 9

It was a fun day. And it felt very much like the start to fall {minus me wearing jeans in 75 degree weather!}

Welcome fall! jen