What a weekend!

On paper, this weekend probably looked dreamy.  Cozy days at home. Hanging Christmas lights. Homemade comfort food for dinner.

But the reality was a weekend of strep throat, whiney kids and a meatloaf dinner that didn't turn out.

Friday night Jack came down with strep throat. And I think Emmie kicked into high whine mode from the attention Jack was getting. Then the new recipe I tried tonight was a bust so we had waffles instead.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Christmas lights....

Despite being sick, he got all bundled up and helped Dan out with the lights.

And Emmie lost her front tooth during the festivities {which was fun until the tooth fairy forgot to visit last night! Oops!!}

 Yes, we are blending holidays {you can see my corn stalks AND Christmas lights both on our porch}.  But the lights will stay off until after Thanksgiving.

Thankfully tomorrow is a new day. And it should be a day with healthy {and hopefully not whiney} kids.