We've Been Flocked {with a Great Fundraiser}!!

A few days ago, we woke up to this in our front yard...

The kids loved it!

And they immediately got busy assigning genders to the flamingo's.  "This is the mommy and this is the daddy..."  They also had fun feeding our new pets grass clippings.  {Who needs a real pet when you've got plastic flamingo's!}

Attached to the back of the sign was a plastic bag with an envelope and this letter...

The letter stated that we were flocked by 8th grade class {as part of fundraising efforts for their class trip} and that it was done in good spirits.  Some of our friends paid $25 to the 8th grade class to send the flock of flamingo's to our yard.    When we were done with the flock, we just texted the phrase "remove flock'" to the phone number on the letter.  And a few days later, our feathered friends disappeared.  Our $25 donation will pass on the fun to another family in our community.

It was so fun to be part of this fundraiser.  I love the creativity. And I love the joy that it brought to our kiddo's!

And not that I'm surprised, but we even received a hand written thank you note on our front porch this evening thanking us for participating.

Nice job, 8th graders! I'm so impressed.