I know I'm a day {or two} late on the Halloween post. But I couldn't resist posting a few pictures before we're in full Thanksgiving mode.

This year, I highly encouraged the kids to select a costume out of our dress up bins. Fortunately, they discovered their Harry Potter robes {tutorial can be found here}. So this Halloween we didn't have to purchase a thing! Jack was, of course, Harry Potter. And Emmie was Hermione.

My dad and step-mom joined us for dinner and some trick or treating too.

As soon as dinner was over, the energy level sky rocketed in the house.  We quickly cleaned up and tried to get our pictures all taken so we could start knocking on doors.  In the craze of the moment, I didn't take any pictures of the kids standing up! So this is the only full body picture I got last night of the kids in their costumes...

The night was a success and we now have more candy than we know what to do with.  But fortunately, my kids still ask before digging into their candy stash.


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