My Barn Sale Purchases

Remember when I shopped a few barn sales last week?  I didn't buy much that day. But I did come home with two wooden boxes. I probably have enough wooden boxes, but I always seem to find a use for them!  Here is how I put them to use!

The first is like a small toolbox.  I'm sure there is an appropriate name for it....something more fancy than 'box with a handle'. But here it is...

It's perfect for fall with gourds.

And the use for my second wooden box isn't nearly as glamorous.  It found a home in the kid's bathroom.  We got a new toilet a few weeks ago.  And the basket I had on the back of the old toilet didn't fit on the new toilet.  As luck would have it, this wooden box fits perfectly!

I'm hoping that the extra roll of toilet paper will make it easier for the kiddo's to replace the old roll when they run out.  Maybe that's wishful thinking!

While they're nothing fancy, I love my new purchases!