Ashley Creek Farm

We had another beautiful day here in the northwest.  The temperature ranged from 30 degrees when we woke up to a high of 74!

Dan had the day off. And since the weather was perfect, we headed out to a pumpkin patch.  A few friends recommended a little hidden secret....Ashley Creek Farm. So we were anxious to check it out.

Ashley Creek harvests pumpkins, corn, gourds, garlic and more! And they sell them for far too cheap, in my opinion!

Look at all of these beauties!

We've been to pumpkin patches that are muddy...soggy and rotten pumpkins...stems broken off.  These are all perfectly lined up by color and type of pumpkin. It was like shopping at a high end pumpkin patch, if such a thing exists!

Dan picked this pumpkin.  Guess how much it cost.  Do you have any wild guesses?  Why bother. You're probably guessing too high!

We paid a whopping $5 for it! Are you amazed!?  {And Emmie couldn't resist jumping into the background!}

Their corn stalks were $2 a bunch. They had several stalks wrapped together to create a bundle. And did I mention it was only $2 a bundle!!

And apparently there are no signs of running out of pumpkins anytime soon! As were were leaving, they pulled up another tractor full!

Before we left, we had to get a few token family pictures....

And here is a look at all of our goodies before we crammed it all into the car...

Other than having sweat drip down my torso in our blazing 74 degrees, the pumpkin patch trip was a complete success!!

Now I've got some decorating to do on my front porch!


If you live in the area and want to visit this little hidden gem, here is the address...

Ashley Creek Farm * 9221 Littlerock Road SW * Olympia, WA 98512