Football Season is Here!

This is the first year that Jack has played tackle football.   That's hard for me to believe....that 9 year olds play tackle football.  But they do.    I was nervous.  Reluctant to throw my child into harms way.  But I have to say, I've been incredibly surprised at how slow they take they SHOW them how to tackle. Not just throw them onto the field and TELL them to tackle each other.

Today was the jamboree.  Each team got to play offense for 10 minutes, then defense for 10 minutes {Doesn't it seem like I know what I'm talking about!?  Please do not be blinded by my apparent knowledge.  Because there is NO knowledge.  I know nothing about football. And since my son is going to be playing it, I have a lot of learning to do! }

Jack got his jersey today. And thankfully, I had my camera there to catch the excitement on his sweet face.

And he played quarterback and did a great job...

It was also a big day for Emmie!  She has an irrational fear of mascots.  She isn't just a bit scared of them. She panics...freaks out...there is no reasoning with her when a mascot is around.  The only way to calm that girl down is to completely remove her from the situation.  As you can imagine, that limits us a trips to Chuck E. Cheese {ok, I'm not too broken up about that one}. No Red Robin. And certainly no Disneyland!

This morning, as Jack was warming up for his jamboree, who should walk by but a local high schools mascot!  Fortunately, the girls long hair was sticking out of her giant bird head and her real arms were sticking out. Thankfully, that turned into a great teaching moment.  Emmie could see it was just a teenager under that giant, scary head. She realized it wasn't that scary after all.  So we were able to go up into the stands and enjoy watching Jack!  She still kept an eye on the mascot, making sure it didn't wander up into the stands and magically appear right in front of her.  But she was victorious over a huge fear today!

All in all, I'd say it was an all around great day!

And stay tuned for my next blog post. I've been working on a little something for our front  porch!