Barn Wedding Reception {and a spray painted necklace!}

This past spring, my sister got married in Mexico. And earlier this month, we celebrated the wedding at a reception held at my dads house.  He lives on about 15 acres, which includes a few barns and lots of land to run and play.  It was the perfect northwest summer night for a party.

 My dad converted one of the barns into a "party barn", as I like to call it!

And his fun tractor was decorated with plants and flowers.

My step-mom did a fantastic job with white lights, ferns and pictures of the wedding decorating the inside of the barn.  My dad built the trellis and they grew hops up the sides of it.  It was so pretty and so inviting!

The kids enjoyed watching the horses as they waited for guests to arrive.

Surprisingly, the kids stayed clean and posed for a few pictures!

I even did a little handy work to complete my outfit for the evening.  I was looking for just the right piece of jewelry to go with my green dress.  And after much shopping, I came up empty handed.  Then I remembered my good ol' friend, Mr. Can of Spray Paint!

I have a necklace from a luau when we went to  Hawaii.  I added a little spray paint...and....

The outfit was complete!!

Everyone partied through the evening.  It was the perfect venue to celebrate the newlyweds!

Congratulations, Courtney and Silas!  We wish you many happy years of marriage.