Ol' Saint Nick

Every year we pay a visit to Santa Claus.  We try and make it fun and festive.  We go to downtown Seattle.  Wait in line at Nordstrom.  Enjoy some cookies and hot apple cider while we stand in the long line.
For Jack, this is such an exciting event.  And for Emmie.....
Emmie almost 1 years old -  Jack 3 years old

.....not so much.  She didn't care for Santa when she was 1 years old.

Emmie 2 years old - Jack 4 years old
She didn't like him any more when she was 2 years old.
Emmie 3 years old - Jack 5 years old
When she was 3, we had to put a little muscle into getting her to sit on his lap.
Emmie 4 years old - Jack 6 years old

At age 4, she lookslike she's ok with Santa.  But truth be told, she has no idea Santa was standing behind her. Santa got up so Jack and Emmie could sit in his chair - and he returned quickly at the last minute, just in time for the picture.

Emmie 5 years old - Jack 7 years old
Last year, it looked like we were making some serious progress.  After some tears and anxiety while waiting in line, Emmie agreed she would STAND next to Santa. That gave her very little contact with Mr. Claus.  Smiling pictures. Candy cane afterward. Success!  Well, that was until.....
2011 - almost 6 years old

....this year.  Emmie hit an all time high with Santa panic.  The only thing that would calm her down was waiting outsidewith my mom, while Jack was inside on Santa's lap.

Emmie gives Santa the stink eye.
Even from outside the window, Emmie wasn't too sure about Santa.  And I must confess, I was frustrated and disappointed.  My perfect display of Santa pictures is now a little askew.  Not only do we have a picture without tears, we have a picture without Emmie!  There is no record of Emmie with Santa in 2011.  In the scheme of things, I know this is such a small matter.  What's most important is that Jesus is Lord of her life and that she remembers the real reason that we celebrate Christmas.  And it's NOT to give Mommy the perfect Santa picture.
Santa was kind enough to send Jack out with a candy cane for Emmie. So while we warmed up with a coffee at Starbucks, the kids enjoyed their treat.
And the day was still fun, despite our Santa mess.
We should get the official picture in the mail sometime next week!!  I have my picture frame ready and waiting...for Jack and Santa.
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