Christmas Decor

I spent more time decorating for Christmas this year than ever before...or at least, that's how it felt!  But it was worth all the effort because I'm quite happy with how things turned out.  
I was motivated to get it all done because we were hosting a party for 29 people (14 adults and 15 kids!!) It might sound like a lot of people, but it was a great time!  
Here are some shots of our house, ready for the big event!

Centerpiece: lantern from Lowes  with fresh greens, berries and pinecones.

Click here to read more on this centerpiece and our new dining room.
My grandmas silverware and a linen napkin wrapped in twine with fresh cedar.

Add a little color to your water with fresh cranberries. 
Just a friendly reminder to guests....
Paper plates, napkins and forks for the kiddos, displayed in an old Pepsi crate.
And a few shots from around the house....

Lit garland with torn ribbon for bows.
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