Branching Out

A few months ago, I pinned this image on Pinterest. Loved the lit branches and how it added so much warmth to the vignette.

via pinterest

I had the itch to recreate this look.  Dan and I found some lit branches on a weekend getaway to Bellingham.  I felt like they were a bit pricey ($39 for 3 branches) but we both loved them - and were in the shopping they became ours!   And after a gathering a few supplies around the house and yard, I was able to put this together.

The supplies were simple to gather up...most of which came from the yard and throughout the house.  The branches are from the woods behind us.

This box of branch lights are from Target and cost roughly $20.  They are LED lights so the glow is a bit different than the ones we purchased in Bellingham but they worked great for the arrangement I put together on our front porch.

Rocks from the yard (Yes, that is rain water.  The northwest IS as rainy as you'd think!)
Find a fun container, vase, metal bucket (or trash can! This one is from Target and I thought it would work great in case I couldn't find anything else around the house).
Start placing branches and rocks into the container. You will have to fiddle with the position of the branches (both real and lit....make sure you open up the lit branches, spreading out the limbs to make them look more like a real branch....not that real branches are lit. But you get the idea.)  And you'll probably need to trim the real branches some too.
After a little bit of work, you should have a new piece of decor for your house or front porch! Here are the two I've created for my house.
I hope your arrangement brings some fun twinkle to your house this holiday!!
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