Thank you!!

I am jumping for joy this morning.  And cannot thank you all enough for reading. When I woke up, my blog had over 1000 hits to date.  Maybe that doesn't sound like a lot to you. But I first shared my blog exactly two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS!  I had little expectations about blogging. Sure, I had hopes. Hopes that people would read and enjoy.  Hopes that people would want to follow my blog.  Hopes that I would be added to someones 'must read' list of blogs.  But 1000 hits!  That seems like a lot to me.  So thank you. Thank you so much!
Since clearly not all of you are personal friends with me (YET!), would you mind leaving me a comment and telling me which part of the country you are reading from?! I'd love to know where my blog has been opened, and hopefully enjoyed!
This week I plan to post some pictures of my home, decorated for the holidays.  I still have a few things to fluff.....more fresh greens around the snowmen, fixing the tilting Christmas tree before it topples over (need a little help from Dan on that one!) and setting the new dining room for a dinner party this weekend. So make sure you come back to see what's new!
Again, thank you.  Thank you for being the start of something really fun in my life!  Let's see how soon we can reach 2000 hits!!
Don't forget to post a comment about which part of the country you are reading 'at home in the northwest' from!  And please continue to read, and possibly follow, my blog.  
May God bless you this holiday season.