Dining Room Update

For the past 5 years, our dining room has been anything but a place to dine. Unless you wanted to sit at a tiny chair and table and eat amongst many toys. When we moved into our house, we had two very small children and no dining room table. So it made the most sense to make the dining room into a playroom.

(I'm being vulnerable here. Showing a room that is downright plain and boring. Please don't judge me!)

A year ago, we took the plunge and put an addition on our second floor. This created a nice, big playroom for our growing kids and their increasing level of energy. (The addition is a blog post or two all by itself, so stay tuned for more pictures in the future.)
After the playroom was complete and the toys moved upstairs, there the dining room sat.....empty. I'm not exactly a fast decision maker when it comes to purchasing furniture for my house. I want it to be just right the first time. I am continually on the lookout for the perfect table and chairs at the perfect price (aren't we all hoping for that!?) I finally decided to pull out my miter saw and build one myself. But I didn't want to use just any wood. I wanted it to have character, age, history. Until recently, I stumbled upon our new table. A neearly perfect at a nearly perfect price!
So today we took a big step in the right direction! Here is a sneak peak.

The room isn't complete so I can't reveal the entire thing yet. And I have a few more chairs and chair covers to pick up tomorrow too. I still have to replace the light fixture. This is what is currently in the room.
The light isn't exactly pretty! So stay tuned. There is more to come! We are entertaining in December so I am terribly motivated to get this room updated! Not sure if I can tackle the wall color by then, but the rest of the room will get a facelift for sure!