Christmas Lights

It seems to be a rarity when a sunny, dry day coincides with one of Dan's days off. Today we were lucky enough to have both of those, so we made the most of it and hung Christmas lights on the house! (and by 'we', I mean Dan. I stood back, took pictures and worried about him falling off the roof.)

While I stood safely on the ground below, Dan had two little helpers that handed lights out of a bedroom window.
(And don't worry...we typically have a screen on that window. We took it off just for today to facilitate in hanging the lights.)
I need to run to Target tomorrow to buy a few more strands of lights, assuming they haven't sold out of the C-9 lights! Then the job will be complete. But for now, 3/4 of the house looks perfect

You can see we are blending holidays.....a little it of Thanksgiving on the porch and some Christmas lights on the house (Though the Christmas lights won't officially be turned on for another 10 days. We'll celebrate Thanksgiving before we move onto our Christmas decor).