Christmas Card Display Board Tutorial

Where do you display your Christmas cards?  In a basket? Or do you hang them up?  Maybe on your fridge?

Jen Gilday Interiors - Christmas Card Display Board Tutorial

We used to hang them on an old decorative door (pictured below). But I got tired of the door and sold it.

jen gilday interiors - use an old door to display christmas cards

So when Christmas rolled around this year, I got to wondering where in the world I'd hang my cards!!

I ran to Lowes and went straight to the lumber department, hoping to be inspired.  I bought some boards, but when I got home I realized that hanging 5 of these boards on the wall would be too heavy. So back I went and came across this bin:

Jen Gilday Interiors - Rustic Pallet Boards from Lowes

The boards are incredibly thin and already stained.....Perfect!  This little DIY project was shaping up to be MUCH easier than I'd originally planned!

I laid the boards face down on the floor and glued 3 support boards to the back.  I used the nail gun to further secure them together.  I found extra wood in the garage to use as support boards, and it only required a quick cut to size with my hand saw.

jen gilday interiors - creating a christmas display board tutorial

And I attached two d-rings to the top corners to hang it up.

Jen Gilday Interiors - Christmas Display Board Tutorial

Lowes had some fun black nails with a thick head and I found the bakers twine at Target.  

Jen Gilday Interiors -  Christmas Card Display Board

Clothespins hold the Christmas cards in place!

Jen Gilday Interiors - Christmas Card Display Board

Some garland and red pom poms strung across the top help finish it off.

And project complete! 

The overall weight is pretty light so storing it in the off season shouldn't be an issue. Or I can always leave it out and hang pictures, notes or reminders from the twine.

Pretty easy, huh? Even if you're not handy, I bet you could make one of these!

Enjoy the holiday season.



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