Painted Brick [Magnolia/Waco Trip Part 3]

Welcome back!

I took so many pictures on our trip to Waco.  But this blog post will wrap up the 3 part series of my Waco trip.

Today I'm going to take you on a quick, but fun tour of Waco and one of my favorite things that I saw everywhere I turned a corner.

Painted brick!

 The signs were all  so pretty! It's a creative (and easy .  And I assume cost effective) way to gussy up on old brick building.

Here are a few that we came across during our quick trip:


And just a few buildings over,  in the same parking lot, was the True Love Bar.


We ate at Schmaltz's. Yum! It's a small - very small - sandwich shop. But if you need a quick bite while you're in town, please stop in! You won't regret it.

It was just a few blocks away from the ones above.


This next one is my favorite. I love the colors. And the artwork.  It's a block away from Magnolia, in the parking lot of another must see home decor store called The Findery.


And some of my favorites were on the Magnolia property itself.

This first one was on the far side of the property. If you didn't happen to park on this side, you'd miss this little gem all together!  Dan and I went to Magnolia so many times that we found this during one of our visits.


And this one inside the Silo's Baking Co (which I blogged about here).


I loved all of the painted brick around town. And I'm quite certain there is plenty more than the small representation above.

Thanks for reading all about our trip to Waco!

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