My Favorite Valentine Downloads

I feel like I'm a fairly crafty mom.  But making valentines isn't something I've put much {ahem, any!} effort into.

My kids really don't mind the store bought, cheap pack of Valentine's cards.  But this year, every time I went to Target, I forgot to buy them!  So I decided to browse Pinterest and see what others had created and were willing to share.

I was pleasantly surprised with the large selection of Valentine's online.  Here is a look at the two selections made by my kiddo's.

Jack is 10 so that eliminates a lot of cards that are too young for his class mates.  He has always loved origami.  So when I came across this cute paper airplane Valentine, I knew this folding project be right up his alley!


/// to download the paper airplane Valentine, click here \\\

And like most households of elementary school aged kids, we have been overcome with the Rainbow Loom craze.  So this next Valentine seemed like an obvious selection for Emmie. {And I secretly hope it helps us offload some of the many bracelets we have lying around the house!}


///to download the bracelet Valentine, click here\\\

It looks like a great deal of effort was put into our Valentine's this year, but it was so simple!  It only took me a few minutes to print them out. And the kids took the project from there!

Are you using store bought Valentine's, using a free download from online or making your own?