One Room Challenge Week 3 - Bedding Update

Welcome to week 3 of the one room challenge!

A few people have asked me questions about this project.  So I thought I'd address them first.

* the challenge is just that....a challenge to transform a room * there is no prize....the prize is a finished room at the end of the 6 weeks. * it's just meant to be fun {and motivate you to take on a project in your home or a clients home}*

So on to week 3. Yikes! Week THREE!  That means there are only three more weeks.  I have got some work to do!

For those of you just tuning in, here is a look at the design board for Emmie's room:

girls room mood board {athomeinthenorthwestblog}I couldn't find a duvet that I liked {or that I felt was worth the money for a young girl that has been known to get marker on her bedding}. So when that happens, you make your own!  I purchased the blue and white striped sheet set from Target.

Using two flat sheets, I sewed them together to create a duvet.

sewing duvet  at home in the northwest

I took the lazy route....only sewing three sides and leaving the end open for now.  I need to sew buttons at the bottom to close it up. But for now, it tucks nicely under her mattress. Lazy. But functional!

Grossgrain ribbon was added to the corners of the down comforter...

sewing stays on down comforter  at home in the northwest

Then I sewed string into the top corner of my duvet...


Now the down comforter can be tied into my duvet, which will hopefully eliminate the irritating shuffle that comforters often do inside a duvet.

This week I also received my fabric order!   The bed will be brightened up with a fun floral standard sham and green throw pillow.

So fun.

Well, fun until you unroll the fabric to find this:


What?! Marker on my fabric?  Fabric that came straight from the vendor!? Frustrating.

But fortunately, the vendor is fixing the issue. But it was frustrating nonetheless.

After my little delay, I did get the fabric dropped off with my seamstress!

DURALEE FABRICS  at home in the northwest

These pillows will add so much to her room!  I can't wait to pick them up hopefully later this week.

So that's it for my week 3 progress! Not a ton of fun pictures. Nothing is quite completed yet.  But I'm hoping to have something more exciting to share next week!

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