Design Camp Overview

I realize I'm a bit late with my overview of Design Camp.  But my old computer was maxed out and didn't have space to upload pictures.  So now that I have my new Mac, I'm back in business!!

Design Camp was unbelievable.  Full of information and an amazing lineup of speakers!

But let's start at the beginning.....the hotel.

design camp alexis hotel

We stayed at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle.  For the first few minutes at the hotel, I had a bit of guilt....

hotel 1

...because this was all mine for two days!

hotel 4

And it was a huge hotel room.  Once I took a look around, I got over my guilt and started to enjoy myself!

They even supply you with an animal print bathrobe!

hotel 2

And don't you love these brick walls!?

hotel 3

Ok, enough of the hotel.  On to the people.

This was the first conference I attended without my trusty sidekicks, Lori and Amanda.  But thankfully, I had a few local blog friends that I hadn't met in person.

bloggers at home in the northwest

Meeting Stacey Steward from Steward of Design {on the left} and Maggie Morgan of Maggie Rose Interiors {on the right} was so  much fun!

And I had the opportunity to meet other great designer from across the US, like Molly Quinn from Louisiana.

molly and jen

Molly and I met the first evening in the hotel lobby and enjoyed hanging out during the entire conference.

And now onto the speakers.....

Design Camp was put on by Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis.  Both of these ladies are incredibly talented designers....

design camp... at home in the northwest

...and so down to earth!

kelli ellis design home in the northwest blog

They brought with them an amazing line up of speakers.

Nathan Turner {from Million Dollar Decorators} spoke on his journey to success.

nathan home in the northwest blog

Ronda Rice Carman from All the Best spoke about her journey to being published.

ronda rice carman...all the best blog

Cassandra Lavalle {Coco+Kelley} is a successful blogger from Seattle.  She spoke on creating and maintaining a successful blog.

coco+kelley cassandra lavalle

But I think the most information and inspirational speaker {for me} was Kimberley Seldon.

kimberlery seldon

Kimberley spoke on the business of design. She challenged each and every designer to charge what they are worth. And to not apologize for it! Not only was she encouraging and challenging to the novice and experienced designer, but she was funny as can be!

The conference was filled with so much incredible information.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Design Camp, DO IT! You won't regret it for a single minute.

Thank you, thank you to Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. You outdid yourselves.