Fix It Week

It's been fix-it week around here.

A few years ago, we put a second story addition on our house. While we love the addition, we don't love the extra shade that it's giving our already shaded backyard.  Moss is a common thing here in the northwest. And in our shaded backyard, it thrives!

This is what our grass looks like in some places...

mossy grass

Yes, it's mostly moss.

So we had the aerating guy came look at the grass.  And then the moss killer guy came to look at the grass.

Then that led us to call a sprinkler complany to move a few sprinkler heads to properly water our newly planted grass. And of course it turned out that a number our our sprinkler heads were leaking and needed to be replaced.

new sprinklers

Today they finished replacing the sprinklers.  Here they are in the {muddy} ground! And they're properly marked for the lawn guys that are coming to start their work tomorrow.

We also had mulch delivered and spread in the garden this week...

fresh mulch

And while that work was being done, we were reminded of a huge crack in one of our fence posts.  How was I reminded?! I head a giant 'THUD' as the post hit the ground.

broken fence post

How in the world does something like that split in half!?  Seriously! We wonder if maybe a deer ran into it? Who knows. Regardless, it too needs to be fixed. So the fence guy comes tomorrow as well.

I'm ready to have my yard back to us again! Tomorrow marks the ten day mark of workers here at our house.

The highlight is that now our yard is all set for summer!  And the highlight for the kids....

extra flags

...the sprinkler guy left a ton of extra flags.  It turns out they make really cool spears when you throw them into the grass! They are in hog heaven.

Here's hoping for no more repairs.