A New Bookshelf {and a project}

I'm working on updating Emmie's room.  When she turned three, she got a big girl bedroom.  But four years later, I'm feeling the need for an update.  After noticing marker on her comforter {what kind of mom let's a child have markers in her bedroom?! Ahem, me!} and lack of storage space, it's time for some changes.

Lately I've been looking for a taller bookshelf and have come up empty handed.  Then the other day, I found this white bookshelf.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 10.00.15 PM

I like the clean lines. And I like that it's white. But I don't like that it looks like it's out of a box.

So I have some plans....


Here are a few inspiration photos.

Look at what a little crown molding can do to an otherwise plain piece of furniture!

Summer 2012_thumb[2]
And see how much character a planked background adds!


Now to get the bookshelf assembled!  And after a few trips to Lowes for supplies, I should be in business!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for progress updates!