Advent Tree

Every year I come across advent calendars of one sort or another. Cute ones in catalogs or in people's houses. I always think it's such a fun idea..... And it always feels like too much work.   So for my nine years of parenthood, I've done nothing.

Then a few days ago, I saw the perfect advent tree at It's Overflowing.  It's a simple table top tree with star ornaments numbered 1 to 25. Then on the back of each star is a bible verse.  What a perfect daily reminder for the kids {and me!} about what this Christmas season is really about!

So with my new found inspiration, I got to work on my advent tree {which really wasn't that much work at all}.

Here is my version...

The tree is from Ikea.  And the stars are handmade.  The kids wrote the numbers and I wrote the bible verses on the back of each star.  You can see the bible verses over at Amy's blog, It's Overflowing.

Today we read our first bible verse from the star numbered '1'.

The kids loved looking the verses up.  They are both really into highlighting in their bibles right now too, which made it extra fun for the kids.

Only 24 more stars to go!  Thank you, Aimee, for a great Advent Tree idea! I hope to use it for years to come!


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