A Week in Pictures

Here are a few Instagram snapshots of my past week.

Now that the kids are both in school all day, I can hit the pavement and get some runs in...alone! No one riding beside me on a bike.  Just me, my headphones and a sweaty run ahead of me!

I've been working my tail off lately, getting in shape. Making better food choices and making sure I get some excercise in.  And as a benefit to all that work, I've been enjoying wearing a belt!   These orange cords {which look super neon in the photo. Hopefully they aren't that bright in person!} are one of my favorite purchases this fall.  The cords and sweatshirt are both from the Gap.

Dan was gone on Saturday so I took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania.  We all enjoyed the movie. {Looks like someone's fingernails - ahem, me! - need attention!  Maybe I should have squeezed in a manicure too!}

Here's another fun outfit, with a belt!

Shirt  {Old Navy}, Pants {Loft}, Belt {Gap}, Watch {Nordstrom BP}, Necklace {Target}

And lastly, some pumpkins that my mom grew. Aren't they fun!

I love this time of year.


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