The Desk - Part 2

I'm discovering that blogging during the summer is more of a challenge than I had originally imagined!  Maybe it's because the kids are out of school.  Or maybe because we are out at the park and pool when the sun is shining.  Whatever the case, I've been slacking on my blogging and I do apologize.

Today I wanted to update you on my desk project.  Remember what it looked like when I brought the desk home?

I sprayed on the stripper and was amazed at how quickly it began to work!

On several parts of the desk, the paint practically fell off.  And on other parts of the desk....

...what a mess! I sprayed stripper and scraped.  Then sprayed more stripper and scraped some more.  Boy oh boy, what a hassle.

Once I felt like I was finally making some progress on the desk, I purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite.

I'm just about done stripping the desk. So soon I can try out my new paint!  Stay tuned for the next update!

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