Country Chicks Sale

There is a great antique/crafts sale here in the NW a few times a year called the Country Chicks.   In the spring, there are several vendors in an open field.  I dragged Emmie with me today.  I repeatedly told her that 'someday, you will love shopping for things like this'.  I'm not sure that she bought my sales pitch.  But she survived the excursion.

I was amazed at some of the bargains that I found!  And even more amazed that NOTHING came home with me!  Even though prices were right, the pieces weren't necessarily right for me.  Here were a few of my finds...

Don't you love this red bed?!  It's perfect for a kids room.  And at a bargain price of $119, it was hard to pass up!! You know how I love bed frames.  One of the main things that stopped me from buying this bed is that I'm determined to build a bed someday....soon!  And also the fact that this bed might be a bit too juvenile for an almost 9 year old boy.

There were a few of these white tables...for only $20 and $25.  Bargain!  The bummer is that they were pretty short.  At 18" high, they would look miniature next to our bed.

Look at these fun red tool boxes for roughly $10-$15 each.  They would be great to hold remote controls, magazines or dvd's that are lying around. Maybe even hair accessories in a kids bathroom. Or toothpaste and toothbrushes.  The possibilities are endless!!

This was one of my favorite things, and I don't even think it was for sale!  The unfortunate part is that I was trying to be discrete with my iphone photos and thanks to our windy weather, the paper flag banner blew up just as I took my picture! But hopefully you get the idea. The banner was cut out of newspaper. And it can be sewn onto ribbon or rick rack. SUPER easy, SUPER cheap and SUPER SUPER cute!!

Is it sunny or is it raining today in the NW? You'd never know by this picture....Emmie is squinting because it was so bright, yet carrying an umbrella because of our on and off again rainy day!

This church pew caused me purchase anxiety.  I've always wanted an old church pew in our entry.  When I'm lucky enough to find one, they are either the wrong size,  wrong price or wrong look.  This one was the wrong color, but I could strip it down to it's original wood or paint it a different color.  I wasn't sure about the size so raced home to measure my entry.  The bench ended up being just an inch too long. I measured the front porch, but wasn't crazy about having it out in the weather.  And it wouldn't fit with our dinner table either.  So I passed on the purchase and I'm sure some other lucky customer is enjoying that delightful church pew tonight!!

Lots of fun finds at the antique sale today!  And I'm still surprised that I came home empty handed!!

Have a great weekend!


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