my day in pictures...and a break

Today, like most of my days, is full of to do's.  There always seems to be an errand or two to run. And of course things to do around the house.  Next week things will be quiet on my blog while I enjoy some family time.   But I'm still here today... so I'll share a bit of my day, in pictures... My first stop this morning is to drop these newly painted frames off at a clients house.  She is creating a gallery wall of cream colored frames.  Different sizes, shapes and styles. But all painted the same cream color.   I'm done painting, they're done off to my clients house they go!!

I am treating myself to some freshly painted toes and fingers in preparation for my sisters wedding. I do love a little pampering (especially when a gift certificate means that the pampering is already paid for!)! Here is my gel manicure.  I know, I'm a simpleton...getting such a plain, neutral color. But I love it.

But my favorite part of the day was the pedicure. That warm water.  The massage.  It was a real treat.

And a great end to an already great day...dinner and a movie with Dan!  We grabbed some food, then got to see the Hunger Games!!  We both read the trilogy and have been anxiously awaiting the movie.  So tonight we got to be spectators and see how they transformed the book into a movie.

I'd say overall it was a successful and productive day!!  Just a reminder that next week will be quiet here on the ol' blog.  So have a great week, everyone!


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