A Week in the Sun

Last Sunday, we got a few inches of snow. The kids were thrilled and we enjoyed fun sledding time with friends.  The original forecast called for snow just on the weekend. Then the forecast changed and started looking worse....and worse....and worse. I suppose all of that forecasted snow was a fun thought for most, but Dan and I had a big trip planned to Maui to celebrate our 15th anniversary!  I tried to not stress out that it would delay our trip.  And thank the good Lord, we were one of the last flights out of Sea-Tac on Tuesday night before a huge storm hit.

Within a matter of hours, Dan and I went from this....

and this....

...to this!!

I still can't believe we made it out  of town on time.  Over a foot of snow fell that night.  The weight of the snow and ice resulted in a lot of damage to trees.  The kids missed a week of school and the streets were a mess.

Thanks to helpful parents, we were able to enjoy a stress free week in paradise (and thanks to good friends for housing our family while we were without electricity too!).  Fortunately, the weather didn't affect our time of fun and relaxation in Hawaii.

Here are a few highlights from our week....



This isn't my best look (below) but when you wake up at 2 am to drive to the top of a volcano where it is 35 degrees, beauty isn't at the top of your agenda.  Maybe it should have been at the top of my agenda.....maybe next time!


And to help me remember this great week, I brought back some coral to decorate my house this spring!!  Not only is it pretty, it was free!!


Things were quiet on my blog this past week while I was away.  But I'm home now and ready to get back into my ol' routine.  So make sure you come back in the next few days for new posts!  Thanks for reading.


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