Tooth Fairy Pillow

When Jack was about to lose his first tooth, I made him a pillow for his tooth/money exchange with the tooth fairy. I had assumed that Jack would be done loosing teeth by the time Emmie started. But that is not the case!  Jack was late losing his teeth and Emmie is on the earlier side. So it looks like two tooth fairy pillows are necessary in this house! I decided to make Emmie a pillow that looked different than Jack's.  After doing some searching online,  I came across this simple pattern and was thrilled to discover I had enough leftover felt from other projects to make one!

It didn't take me too long to make it, and I loved how it turned out.  More importantly, Emmie loved how it turned out!! Here are the steps to create this darling pillow.  Click here for the pattern.

Cut two teeth out of white felt (you should be able to fold an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of felt in half to cut both pieces).

Cut out two pink cheeks, two eyes (I used brown for the eyes) and a pocket and flap for the envelope on the back of the pillow.
Now it's time to start sewing (note: all sewing is by hand so no sewing machine is necessary!).  Using embroidery floss, stitch the eyes, cheeks (with a mouth, as seen on the pattern) on the front side and pockets onto the back.  I used brown embroidery floss for all of the stitching.  The original pattern called for white embroidery floss but since I didn't have white, I kept my fingers crossed that the brown wouldn't make the pillow look too busy!
Now you are ready to sew the two white teeth together.  When stitching the white felt, leave about three inches open at the top to add stuffing.  I added pink ribbon at this point so the pillow could be hung from a doorknob.  And the flower is an optional addition as well (makes the pillow fun if a little girl is the recipient).  Once the pillow is stuffed to your liking (and the ribbon is tacked down) continue closing the pillow with the embroidery floss.
Project complete!  Wrap it up and give it to any little one about to lose their first tooth.
front of pillow
back of pillow
Emmie opened the pillow up on Christmas morning and she loved it! Now that tooth just need to fall out so we can really test out the pillow!
Isn't it fun!? And it was really easy to make too!
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