Teacher Gifts - Done!

I finally finished up my teacher/bus driver gifts last night.  I had one more personalized doormat to paint.  And still had to finalize my bus driver gifts.  Last night I got to work and finished up everything so the kids could start delivering them today.

This week I had a girls dinner to attend (we call ourselves a book club, but truth be told, we don't really read books and it really isn't a club....)  Anyway, we did a gift exchange and I ended up these caramels that are way too delicious.

I did my fair share of sampling. But knew if these stayed in the house any longer, I may be sporting a good 5 to 10 extra pounds, thanks to these yummy goodies.  And since I needed a few more gifts, I thought these would be perfect!!

I happend to have a few cellophane goodie bags leftover from a birthday party.

They got filled them with caramels and tied with some red ribbon.

Attach a card and Starbucks gift card to it and you've got yourself a gift that will (hopefully!) be enjoyed by our bus drivers and class helpers!

So the doormats are completed and caramel goodie bags too. Now the delivering can begin!!!


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