Santa Pillow

I was doing some of my weekly blog reading and came across the cutest front porch at Home Stories A to Z.  She had a darling Santa pillow sitting on a chair that I was coveting.  Today during my typical stroll through the Target home decor section, I came across some red pillows and thought "here is my chance to make myself a Santa pillow!"

Now, this project is TRULY as easy as 1...2...3.  Honestly.  Anyone can do this. Crafty or not crafty.  Can you dress yourself in the morning?  If yes, then you too can create this super cute Santa pillow!

OK - are you ready?  Here are the supplies needed:  One red pillow (These were a sold as a two pack at Target for $12.99).

Black Belt (I purchased a belt in the boys section for $6.99. Though you could certainly use one from home or pick one up at the Goodwill. Any black belt will do! In fact, an old, weathered and worn belt might look better than brand new!)
Here is the part that takes all of the effort - wrap the belt around the middle of the pillow.  Wasn't that tough? (Sorry for the sarcastic tone.  That is targeted at my friends that claim to not be crafty. But they too could put this pillow together!)
Project complete!  Find a fun place to display....front porch, the bench by your front door, a couch or chair.  The possibilities are endless!
I know Christmas is almost here, but it's not too late to make one!   You still have four more days!
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