How to Wrap a Cord

Do your cords ever look like this? Sprawled everywhere behind a lamp. Or hanging down next to an end table, creating an eye sore.

With just a little twisting of the cord, you can hide it and tuck it neatly behind the lamp!
Here is a quick how to! And it will only takes a few seconds, once you get the hang of it.
Wrap the cord back and forth into short figure 8's, as seen below.
This cord had three and a half figure 8's (you'll see two loops on one end and three loops on the other end).  Once you finish the last loop, come 1/2 to 3/4 of the way back and start wrapping the cord around the middle of the figure 8's.
As you wrap the cord, make sure you pull it tight.
Keep wrapping, until you have enough cord left to reach your outlet.
Take the plug end and poke it through the closest end of the figure 8.
Pull it through, keeping the cord pulled tight.
Plug in and you've got the perfectly hidden and disguised cord! Don't you love how neat and tidy it looks!?
You can barely see it behind the lamp!  Happy wrapping!!