"Custom" Framing

For nine years, Dan's diplomas sat in a cardboard tube.  Four years of undergraduate work...four years of medical school...two residencies.  All unframed and sitting in a corner of the closet.

Custom framing can be a huge expense - even if you have one of those 50% off coupons. And the fear of that large price tag kept me paralyzed. All that hard work, sitting hidden in cardboard tubes because I was too afraid (and dare I say maybe too lazy?) to deal with it.

This year, I was finally ready to attack the project.  I measured the diplomas and started shopping.  Much to my surprise, a few of them were a standard size and I was able to find some really beautiful frames.  And all of them were on sale! Ka-ching!

The biggest diploma caused the issue.  I found a great frame that cost a whopping $11 (I know, big spender!) but the matte was just a bit too big.

Can you see how the edges kind of curl up?

I figured a custom matte couldn't be that much money!  So I went to the frame counter and had them re-cut a matte with a fillet for me. It was roughly $40. Not bad!

Today I picked up the new matte and put Dan's diploma in it. Fits perfectly. And it looks like a pricey, custom frame job.....but the frame and new matte only cost $51!

No more curling edges!

If you have something that you think will need a custom frame, check out the pre-made frames and consider getting a custom matte cut. You'll save a bundle!!


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